2 choices of formulas are available to you, a group formula and an individual formula:

- For the group formula, you will learn the basics of working with leather in small groups of 2 to 4. This formula appeals a lot by the emulsion of creativity and the richness of ideas that each brings. It also allows you to meet people from different backgrounds and come out with beautiful friendships.

-Individual courses are often dedicated to people who already have a leather practice and who want to learn a particular technique or have a specific project in mind. It is also intended for people who wish to have an internship date other than those already offered.

It should be noted that it is also possible to provide courses for larger groups as well as "semi holiday" courses (alternating between days of learning and days of relaxation to allow you to enjoy the surrounding environment as well as our cabin area, campfire and homemade bread oven, other activities can be added to it such as woodworking (spoon, bowls), baking bread oven...

The training course dates are not fixed, if you prefer to come on weekdays, and/or over a longer period, do not hesitate to contact us.