Our story

- Making your Passion, a Profession-

-It all started with a game-

My first Live action role-playing game (LARP). This is 2004, I am 21 years old. My friends and I wanted to be great warriors for a weekend, proudly wear our armor, sword in hand, and live great epic adventures... The experience was unforgettable, a unique memory. However there were some points to improve as the costume, because it must be said, we had not sprained too much! And that’s how it all started for me. I quickly got a taste for my new hobby in the garage. The skaï became leather, the Parisian fasteners became rivets, the armor came to life, one after one, to transform my loved ones and me into valiant fighters. The years have passed and we have chained the role plays, the costumes and the encounters.

-From a passion was born a profession-

5 years of studying to become a landscape artist did not convince me to work in this profession. After following some friends to the factory for food work, I created my micro-business 3 years later, in 2009. I then turn to the medieval festivals, which I have been seeing for some years with my troupe of merry lurons. Everything becomes obvious, that’s what I like. Create, create again, and set up my shop to make discover my world to all the people who will cross my path.

-From a profession was born a philosophy of life-

I shared my adolescence between two playgrounds, the city on one side and nature on the other. Both had to balance themselves, I imagine. But as I grew up, some concepts became more meaningful to me. Ecology, Resilience, Short Circuit, Sharing. On a professional level, the medieval festivals really fed me from the inside. Old crafts, troubadours, festivities, costumed people... Everything I love! Only was missing for me a place to flourish. And so, with my brother, we bought a old typical house with land in the Jura, a rather rural department surrounded by fields and hills. New start, new name. "Artisanya" was born. The workshop immediately expanded, my brother participated in the activity for a few years, then we resumed the adventure as a couple with my partner.

-Knowledge sharing-

Very quickly after my installation as a professional, I received requests for internships to learn certain techniques, to realize an object yourself, or just to discover the trade. I quickly became interested in sharing my experience. More and more, we are looking to offer weeks of holidays/ leather work. It is an opportunity to breathe a little, to live a very exotic experience in an environment conducive to letting go and to make some leather objects in the workshop. You will find all the information of the courses by following the link:training course