Because shipping packages will never replace the contact we can have with our customers, we travel the roads to meet you.

We travel in France and a little abroad with our shop to immerse you in our world. This is an opportunity to present our new ranges, our flagship products as well as unique pieces. For our customers, it's always pleasant to be able to discover our items other than in photos. You can try on whats needs to be tried on, look in a mirror to make your opinion, ask questions, or simply discuss and put a face to a name.

And if you ordered on the website, this may be an opportunity to come and make an adjustment : punch a nex hole in yout belt, shorten straps, etc…

You will find all the events we will be participating in on our calendar, to the home page. Please note, this calendar is constantly evolving and new events are added regularly, as confirmations are made.

Looking forward to see you (again) and share good time !